Look out!

Some bastard bosses don’t pay immigrant workers!

If you see a leaflet with this phone number 338 7455718 that offers you different jobs, don’t trust it!

If you make a phone call, A female voice will tell you to come to Bresso at the 27th in Gnocchi strett, she will promise you to start to work the same day you will go there, telling you it doesn’t matter if you have not the permission paper or “libretto di lavoro”.

When you go there, she and her body-guard let you wait outsite, without entering the site, giving you some leaflets to give out, or they tell you the building site where you will go to work as bricklayer.

If you ask her when and how you will be paid she will answer telling you more you work, more you earn, but you will never receive any money.

If you make complaints after a while she will tell you’ll never get the your wage because you are an immigrant worker or you have not the permission paper so whatever you’ll do, you will not be paid.

Sometimes it happens that other bosses as cooperatives tell you to go there because they are looking for people.

More than hundred workers:Latin american, Egyptians, Rumaninas, Senegalese peole were swindled!

This happen because of the former and the new govenements’ acts on immigration, that make people be clandesine, running the risk of being deportated, to accept the worst labor conditions, to live underground in shanty building, and so onon.

If We are atomized and We keep us separeted We will always be swindled by crooks, exploited by bosses, repressed by the police. If We are together We can defend ourselves and use our social force to attack this modern slavery system We can begin to map together all the bastards swindlers, to support each other to reach out what We need!

To conctat us, Collective for a workers’ net, come at Tuesday at 21.30 at the 20th in Conte Rosso Street, Lambrate, Milan or mail us at: rossoconte@hotmail.com